The Anti Anti-Aging Herb

The Anti Anti-Aging Herb

People have been looking for methods to feel youthful and look younger for ages.

In this quest, some people will focus on beauty items that make claims about magical results that come from consuming the special anti-aging ingredients found in their products.  Others will focus on their diet, drink lots of water, and eat the “right” vegetables while staying away from certain other foods that create toxins in the body that can age you.  And still others will focus on the benefits of different types of exercises, while working out with weights and other equipment.  I’m sure there are some out there that use a combination or all of the above – and possibly even more methods to preserve their young looks and stamina.

However, how many of these people have been encouraged and convinced to believe that the use of marijuana, whether recreational or medicinal, is actually beneficial for them?  It’s an herb, right?  So it’s “natural” and how could it possibly hurt?

The truth is that marijuana is actually extremely AGING to a person and their body!  The residues from its use stay in the body for years to come, and this can also result in a person re-experiencing being high when they really don’t want to be (for example while driving or when working to meet a deadline).  Factually, the marijuana that is grown today, has been genetically modified to contain much more THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol, (the active mind-altering ingredient) than would be considered “normal”.  A recent study used brain imaging equipment to observe and document what happens to the brain while marijuana is smoked.  It was found that the consumption of marijuana actually kills brain cells in quantity, while the person is smoking it!!!

Now, to anyone with intelligence, except possibly those who have already suffered a reduction of IQ resulting from their regular consumption of marijuana, it should be pretty obvious that the killing of brain cells is virtually synonymous with the aging process!  So, it seems particularly counter-intuitive that anyone concerned about staying young and interested in slowing or reversing the aging process would start to, or continue to use, marijuana for ANY purpose.

What do you think?

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